Balrothery Spring Clean – Sat 7th April

Balrothery Spring Clean

Calling all Rosepark residents, Balrothery is having its annual Spring Clean Event organised by the Balrothery Tidy Village Committee, this Saturday 7th of April.

We would ask you to lend your time and support to your Village. It’s a great day to come out and volunteer and show your children and neighbours, pride of place.

As usual some equipment will be provided but we encourage everyone to bring along some tools to help with the clean up. We especially need Brushes, Lawn Mowers and anything to help scrape down and off, some of the moss of the paths and tidy the grass verges.

This event is only a success every year when “you” the residents turn out to support it, so please do so again this year be it for Rosepark or your village.

To find out more, please visit

Rosepark Spring Clean

Make Good Friday, a Great Friday for Rosepark!

Rosepark Spring Clean 11am on the Green

Calling all Rosepark residents, we are having our annual spring clean-up day this Good Friday (April 14th) to coincide with the Balrothery Spring Clean Event organised by the Balrothery Tidy Village Committee.

We would ask you to lend your time and support to your estate or indeed the Village of Balrothery. It’s a great day to come out and volunteer and show your children and neighbours, pride of place.

We will be meeting at 11am on Friday on the Green in Rosepark to kick off the clean up but if you can’t make it due to work, we encourage you to do your bit after you get home.

Balrothery Spring Clean

As usual some equipment will be provided but we encourage everyone to bring along some tools to help with the clean up. We especially need Brushes, Lawn Mowers and anything to help scrape down and off, some of the moss of the paths and tidy the grass verges.

This event is only a success every year when “you” the residents turn out to support it, so please do so again this year be it for Rosepark or your village.

Darcystown Road Development (Meeting Thu 23rd)

The Rosepark Residents Association Committee would like to inform residents that building works on the 9 social housing units adjacent to Rosepark and Ringfort estates have commenced and that the Committee have directly made representations on your behalf to North East Housing, who are managing the project, to ensure that disturbance and debris on the road are kept at a minimum.

Construction of 9 Social Housing Units on Darcystown Road, BalrotheryIMG_4821

In the meetings we have held with North East Housing, we have been informed that there are 13 tons of top soil to be removed from the site. In order to address our concerns, it was agreed that a road sweeper would be used daily; to clean the road and it was also agreed that vehicles relating to the site, would not be parked along the entrance of Rosepark. The builder did remark that the white van parked on the kerb was in the way and we have to follow this up with the builder. We were also informed that the current temporary entrance (across from the entrance to Rosepark), would be moved to the official entrance location at the other end of the site towards Ringfort once the archaeological dig is completed.

IMG_4822Construction of 9 Social Housing Units on Darcystown Road, Balrothery

We would remind residents that the RRA was unsuccessful in preventing this site from being used; for any other purpose, other than as a public amenity but we did manage to have the number of houses being built on the site, reduced from 10 to 9. However, as the building works now commence, we understand that residents may have further concerns around the building works and the future plans for this site and so we invite you to attend a meeting regarding this and other matters in the Armory at the Balrothery Inn on Thursday the 23rd.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Margaret Haugh

Chairperson of the Rosepark Residents Association.

Rosepark Residents Association Meeting

 Thursday 23 rd June – 8.30 Armoury, Balrothery Inn

Calling all Residents of Rosepark, A very important meeting has been arranged for all residents of Rosepark.

Matters to be reported on and discussed as follows:

1. Report of Rosepark Residents Association

2. Building of 9 bungalows for North East Housing Association on Darcystown Road

opposite Rosepark

3. Traffic management on Darcystown Road

4. Traffice management within Rosepark Estate

5. Suggestion of double yellow lines and traffic calming ramps for Rosepark

6. Proposed work on side and back ditch within Rosepark by Fingal Co Council

7. Report on activities of Balrothery Community Association

It is within your interest to attend and hear about the activities and plans for Rosepark and the village.

The committee look forward to meeting you all on the night.

Rosepark clean up 2016

Rosepark clean up 2016 

Thanks to all who supported the effort in this years Spring Clean. It was a great turn out and especially thanks to the kids, they were great pickers for us. The estate and garden is looking well for summer and we collected quite an amount of Rubbish, which the council have now cleared away.

Rosepark Clean Up 2016

The Rubbish Collected

Rosepark Clean Up 2016

Kids Getting Involved

Thank you to one and all and please continue to support your local residence association and the work of the Balrothery Community Association .

Margaret Haugh

Spring Clean

Rosepark Spring Clean Event

Cleanup Day

Weed need to get cracking

Meeting at the Green @ 7pm, Wednesday 20th of April

Please join us wednesday for the annual Rosepark Spring Clean. This year the whole village is involved as Balrothery comes alive under the new “Balrothery Community Association“.

Bags, pickers and vests will be provided as usual and don’t forget to bring the kids along too as its important they appreciate the area they live in and what it takes to keep it looking neat and tidy.

Let’s have Rosepark and Balrothery Village looking great for the summer ahead!

Tony Murphy and Barry Martin Support Balrothery

Thank you Tony and Barry and Good Luck!

To all Rosepark Residents and to the people of Balrothery, we the Rosepark Residents Association, would like to take this opportunity as we as we draw near to the National Elections, to remind you all that both Tony Murphy (IND) and Barry Martin (AAA-PBP) were the only individual Councillors now standing for election to the Dáil in our area, who supported Balrothery in relation to the prevision of local services last year.

Specifically, this was in relation to the RRA objection to the housing development on Fingal County Council Land, on the Darcystown Road opposite Rosepark which we fought to have used as a community amenity. We would like to wish them the very best in their endeavours and thank them for supporting the local area.

Cllr Tony Murphy Cllr Barry Martin

Information regarding this issue can be viewed on the following: 

Local Area Meeting Disappointing:
Residents Vent Their Anger:

sketch-darcystown site

We would conclude that it is interesting to note that following RRA comprehensive objection to this development and highlighting the dire need for Community amenities in Balrothery Village, no such amenities have been provided to date.  Also, despite the urgent need for housing which Fingal County Council stated this site was ear marked for, not one sod has been turned on the land nearly 2 years after the passing of the development.

There are many more stories relating to these events which can be views further down on our Home Page on

Newsletter – December 2015


Seasons greeting to all residents

Seasons Greeting from the Rosepark Residents Association

I am sure you have noticed the increased activity around the village. This is due to the ongoing work being carried out by the Balrothery Community Council which was reformed in December 2014 after a break of a few years.

The present committee are dedicated and enthusiastic and the results are beginning to show. I represent Rosepark Residents on the committee and have attended most of the committee meetings within the past 12 months. The following is an update of information and future events and which you are invited to participate in.



  • 7 – 8pm TUESDAY

Refreshments & goodies supplied – Santa attending with his helpers – music & singers

All are welcome to attend – children under 12 years to be accompanied by an adult.

Look forward to seeing you there.




You are invited to attend to hear the reports from all sub-committees on their activities in the past year and future planning. Please make a special effort to attend as it is guaranteed to give you a good feeling about living in the village of Balrothery.



  • Draw in aid of Tidy Towns & Balrothery Football Club
  • First prize €1,000 and 9 other great prizes
  • Book of 3 tickets €5 or €2 each

This is a very popular night in the Inn. Get into the Christmas celebration atmosphere, meet the neighbours and have a chance to win a prize.

Rosepark Residents are still active and looking after the needs of Rosepark Estate. We upgraded the flower bed and planted the pots. A clean up was done in the Autumn. Following our representation together with the Community Council on issue of the inadequate footpaths on the Rise and leading from Balruddery Fields, new footpaths has been laid.

Visit our Facebook page further information.

Margaret Haugh – Chairperson of the Rosepark Residents Association.

Rose Park Clean Up Day

Calling all Residents of Rose Park to our

Annual Clean Up Day

3rd of October 2015 @ 12 noon (meeting at the green)

Clean Up DayWe often meet people who speak with admiration about the Rose Park Estate, its a fabulous part of the area to live in, great reputation, wonderful families and clean and well kept.

Well unfortunately this doesn’t happen with the help of magic pixies. It takes a little bit of graft, once or twice a year which is not too much to ask. This plus the wonderful volunteer work through out the year such as grass cutting and maintenance of the flowerbed and so on, means we all get to live in a lovely estate.

We’re only asking for an hour or two of your time to help us give the estate a little bit of a spruce up before the Winter truly arrives. As usual we would invite you to bring the kids out and to make it a family affair. We’ll be weeding, trimming, collecting rubbish and all the usual activities so we hope to see you there on Saturday the 3rd of October.

P.S. We’ll definitely be going ahead this weekend, rain, sleet or snow… See you all there.

Rosepark Residents Association.

Weekly Balrothery Bingo Night

Bingo at The Heritage Centre

Every Thursday night – 8 to 10 pm, starting September 3rd


Please support this fund raising venture the proceeds will benefit the Balrothery Community Council who have a very active committee working tirelessly on behalf of the community to improve the village and the amenities which are so badly needed.

Here are some dates of other upcoming events:

Tuesday 8th September – Deputation meeting between BCC and FCC

The Balrothery Community Committee have ongoing communication with Fingal Co. Council and the deputation meeting is to meet with the relevant dept. personnel and Councillors working through an agenda which has been supplied by the BCC.

Friday 20th November – Table Quiz – Balrothery Inn

The proceeds of this very popular quiz night is to support the Tidy Towns expenditure. As you know Balrothery was entered into the Tidy Towns competition this year and you could not have failed to notice the volunteers out cleaning up the village and making improvements over the past six months. This is only the start of an ongoing plan and it is open to any resident in the village to get involved.

Thursday 31st December – Xmas Draw night – Balrothery Inn

The proceeds of this ticket draw will help to support the costs of the many projects being worked on by BCC.

Rosepark Residents Association AGM




TIME – 8.30pm


Calling all residents of Rosepark to attend our AGM on Thursday night.

Please come along as it is important that we have a good attendance which would be an expression of support for the efforts which have been made in the past 12 months on behalf of all residents. Finger food will be served on the night.

The following items will be included on the agenda:

  • Reports on activities and financial statement for 2014 will be given
  • Plans for 2015 to be discussed
  • Proposal and election of committee will be carried out

This is your opportunity to be brought up to date with matters that may affect you and where you live.  You meet your neighbours, share any ideas or concerns you may have and get involved if you wish or just enjoy the night.

The committee look forward to meeting you there.

Margaret Haugh – Chairperson

Control of Vehicle Speeds in Residential Areas

Speed Limit Submission Invitation

Speed Limit Submission Invitation

Fingal County Council Recently published an invitation regarding the Control of Vehicle Speeds in Residential Areas, encouraging the public to make submissions regarding the adequacy or otherwise of speed limits in their area.

As a result, the Rosepark Residents Association Committee made a submission to Fingal County Council’s Operations Department regarding traffic speed limits, both within the estate of Rosepark and on the Darcystown Road. This submission can be seen here:

Objection Deadline Tomorrow for 42 More Houses

As many of you will be aware, the battle for a playground, community centre or other amenity space on the Fingal County Council site on the Darcystown road was lost last month, even though the final vote was only just yesterday. But don’t dispare, we’ve certainly lost the battle but not the war.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the objections to the second phase of the private Garrai Linn development, further up the Darcystown Rd. which proposes 42 houses consisting of detached and semi-detatched dwellings. We have lodged an formal objection on your behalf objecting to some specific elements of the new development as well as highlighting again, some of the very many issues still affecting the Balrothery Community.

Below is a summary of objections we are making regarding the second phase of a private development in the Balrothery area. This development is in the vicinity of the prior Part 8 development, on which we previously communicated. Unfortunately, the issues effecting the area that drove our previous submission relating to the Part 8, still apply.


A) Issues Affecting the Garraí Linn Development Itself:

  1. Class 1 Open Space Under-provision
    1. Class 1 open space not provided for in Phase 1 (Ref. F13A/0322) and a contribution of 31k was taken in lieu of space instead. In Phase 2 (F14A/0488), it is proposed, as it was in Phase 1, that the Class 1 open space be provided in Northwest Balbriggan. We would request all open space be provided for on-site and that F.C.C do not accept contributions in lieu of this open space.
  2. Serious Flood Risk
    1. Surface water is already an issue on Phase 1 of the development with evidence of excess water pumped off site. This constitutes serious concerns regarding the planning application where it stated the site had never been flooded and we now call for a full Flood Risk and Impact Assessment carried out.
  3. Housing Density
    1. This planning application plaudits itself on lower housing density against the adjoining Ringfort estate but the density is misrepresented by the inclusion of the existing units from the development (F13A/0322). This Planning application (Ref. F14A/0488) should be assessed in its own right as represents is a significant increase in density, contrary to the guidelines contained in pre-existing development plans.
  4. Missing Phase 2 Commitments
    1. Phase 1 of this development promised a number of items to be delivered in Phase 2; due to their absence in Phase 1 such, as a playground and dormer housing units. We would ask that these be included and that F.C.C review the commitments made by the developer in Phase 1 to ensure there have not been other such omissions.

B) Issues Affecting the Surrounding Area:

  1. Open Space Deficit
    1. There are 7.41Ha of public open space in the Balrothery area. Over the last decade; which is the period during which Balrothery’s population grew by 76%, less than 6% open space has been provided within new developments for residents. Either green space is being transferred to other parts of the county, contributions are being taken lieu of open space or open space is not being provided for in the first place, as per Ringfort Estate which has a scandalous 3% open space. Hence, as by Fingal’s own guidelines which state a recommend 15% in line with new development, 6% overall could not be considered acceptable and should be remedied.
  2. Oversubscribed National School
    1. Planning permission currently exists for the expansion of the local school but as F.C.C knows the current planning proposal simply involves alterations to the existing school building, replacement of the existing prefabs and confirms that the prefabs will be removed off site, when the single story extension is built. It confirms that no additional places will be added to the school’s capacity and furthermore, the waiting list into the next 3 years already exceeds the local schools current capacity.
  3. Traffic Management & Safety
    1. All council sponsored surveys have shown that traffic on the Darcystown road are in excess of the speed limit. Existing initiatives such as the VA Signage have failed as evidenced by the fact that a young local nine year old was knocked from their bike trying to round a car due parked on a narrow footpath as well as the case of a toddler being struck by a lorry on the same stretch of road. Traffic Safety, including parking, still need to be addressed.
  4. Lack of Facilities
    1. Fingal County Council has acknowledged that Balrothery is lacking facilities such as a community centre, medical and retail facilities. We again add areas for safe play, transport links and other local resources to this list and ask that F.C.C address this deficit before any further development takes place.

C) A History of Impropper Planning and Unsustainable Development


If you are interested in reading further detail on this planning objection, you can access a copy of our objection here.

What can you do?

You still have time to make an objection but your objection must be delivered to Fingal County Council on or before 14-Jan-2015 along with a €20 fee. Alternatively, you can also register online with F.C.C @ and submitt your objection electronically. More information is available from

Cllr Barry Martin (PBP) stands by Balrothery

Cllr Barry Martin

Cllr Barry Martin

We wanted to share with you an article from the Fingal Independant in which one of the “Balrothery Four” Councillor Barry Martin (People Before Profit) has once again stood up to Fingal County Council and the Media and stood by his decision to put the people of Balrothery before the frenzy of government sponsored house building that has kicked off in the last 6 months, beginning with the site on the Darcystown Rd.

Read the Full Article Here…

Balrothery vote was for ‘proper planning’

A People Before Profit councillor who voted to block a social housing development in Balrothery has explained why he voted against the controversial project.

Cllr Barry Martin (PBP) faced some criticism at the council for his vote against plans to build 10 social housing units in Balrothery. The project ultimately won the approval of a majority of councillors who voted in favour of the development despite a lot of vocal opposition from locals.

Cllr Martin sided with those local opponents of the scheme and said he did so in the interests of ‘proper planning in Balrothery’.

Cllr Martin told the Fingal Independent: ‘Balrothery has expanded from a small village of about 150 houses to over six hundred today.

‘This has occurred without any corresponding expansion in social infrastructure. There are no medical services, doctor, dentist or pharmacies; no public transport beyond the Bus Eireann service; the schools are overcrowded and a proper village green or park has not been developed.

‘Yet instead of rectifying this situation in advance, Fingal County Council are proposing to build more houses in the area.’

Cllr Martin explained: ‘I am totally for an expansion of the social housing scheme. Past policies supported by Labour and Fine Gael has led to a situation where there are hundreds of families on the housing list in the Balbriggan area alone.

‘But there is no contradiction between demanding more social housing and insisting on proper planning which provides people with a decent social environment in which to live. This is why I voted against further housing development in Balrothery at this stage.’

He added: ‘I do not want to see people who are allocated to social housing -including units for disabled persons- put into a situation where their children cannot get access to schools, where they have no immediate access whatsoever to medical services or are unable to avail of a proper public transport system.

I have written to the planning department of Fingal to provide PBP with a full list of sites held by Fingal County Council which have been zoned for housing.

I shall be insisting on building far more social housing units than the small number planned for Balrothery on alternative sites. Nationally we need an emergency building programme of social housing.’

Fingal Independent

Why Cllr. Malachy Quinn changed his Vote

Dear Residents, As you know know Malachy Quinn changed his vote on the Proposed Development @ the Thu 11th Meeting, having previously given us his written support. In fairness to Cllr. Quinn, he is at least trying to make some amends for leaving us down. Below is an email he sent to us the following day that we wanted to share with you and we will keep you posted of further developments.

Cllr Malachy Quinn

Cllr Malachy Quinn


From: Malachy Quinn []
Sent: 12 December 2014 11:32
Subject: Local Area Meeting


In relation to the vote on the proposed development of Social Housing Units on the Darcystown Rd, Balrothery.

I took the opportunity to identify other sites in the County which would back onto houses on 3 sides, I identified the Hartstown Playground which was built on an identical site to the proposed Darcystown Rd Site. I consulted with the Residents Association in regards to the implications from developing a site like this for a Green Space or Playground. I was informed that the situation now is that this area is prone to antisocial behaviour on a nightly basis. I am concerned that the Darcystown Site will also attract the same problems.

At yesterday’s local area meeting, an emergency motion was put forward, supported by myself & the entire Councillors present that Fingal would work closely with the residents of Balrothery to address the many issues of concern. A special  Deputation Meeting is to be organised to facilitate the Balrothery Community to meet with Council officials & Cllrs.

In relation to Rosepark Estate, there is an Activity Fund of up to €3000 available over 2 years for any works or up keeping of the Estate by a Tidy Towns Committee in the Estate.

Is Mise

Cllr Malachy Quinn

Local Area Meeting Dissappointing

Part 8 Development Local Area Committee

Unfortunately, due to being unable to secure the vote of local Fianna Fáil Cllr. Brian Dennehy, we could not have secured a majority on this issue at the Local Area Committee, though without them we could have forced a tie and potentially a win through the Cathaoirleach. However, unknown to us, Sinn Féin Councillor Malachy Quinn changed his position and so the hope of even a split vote slipped out of view, on the day.

We were also, quite disappointed with Balbriggan Councillor David O’Connor who refused to engage with us through our email correspondence and refused to meet with the committee in the run up to the meeting. At least in the case of Labour councillors, we knew where we stood.

The Balrothery Four

The Balrothery Four

All the above said, we want to hugely thank Councillors Tony Murphy, J.P. Browne, Grainne Maguire and Barry Martin in the Balbriggan Ward and Councillor Eugene Coppinger in the Swords Ward for their support, the strong arguments made on the day and most importantly for representing our views. They will have our support at the next election regardless of the way this item turns out because they were the only councillors that actually listened to our concerns regarding this development. They are certainly the Four Heros of Balrothery and we look forward to working with them on future issues.

The next full Council fot on this matter is on the 12th of January 2015 and while we are less than optimistic about our chances, we will continue to lobby councillors on the full council have have yet to confirm their position as well as challenging some of the misinformed views presented on the night.

Summary of Councillor Contributions

Below is a very quick run down of responses but we would recommend you read the transcrtipt of the councillors contributions on the night available at the end of this article. Some of the contributions, such as those from Cllr Anne Devitt, were quite offensive.

Balbriggan Ward


Cllr. Tony Murphy (Independent): lead the charge as he has since this devlopment was proposed and opened with a strong case to be made for this as the last green space in the village and spoke about green space being transferred to Balbriggan from new developments.

Cllr. J.P. Browne (Independent): again hammered home the lack of the facilities and expressed that while the council talks up many possibilities, these should be devered before and not after such devlopments.

Cllr. Barry Martin (People Before Profit): spoke to the heart of the matter, that being that this is not about social housing but the sustainabe communities we should be building.

Cllr. Grainne Maguire (Independent): tried to tell councillors that this was not about the 9 houses, that it was about the bigger picture and that just becasuse land is zoned as residential, it doesn’t mean that can be it’s only purpose.


Cllr. Malachy Quinn (Sinn Féin): made no contribution but voted for the development, having previously said he would support us and vote against it. It was the 2nd U-turn that Councillor Quinn performed during this engagement.

Cllr. Brian Dennehy (Fianna Fáil): made misrepresneting comments on a key item, that being the school saying it was expanding by 1000 square foot when this explansion only replaces the prefabs. Fianna Fáil was a key vote and we were very dissappointed to have lost their support.

Cllr. David O’Connor (Independent): refused to engage through not responding to our emails or requests for a meeting. His main point for voting for the development was that what ever issues locals have, they are not worth prioritising over 9 social houses.

Cllr. Ken Farrell (Labour Party): was against this development from the early stages but his attitude to local sentiment and how councillors need to ride rough shot over such sentiment as well as his the indignation he showed other councillors, will not win him much support in Balrothery.

Swords Ward


Cllr. Eugene Coppinger (Anti Austerity Alliance): spoke strongly about the lack of facilities in the village and the situation with school being oversubscribed as well as questions around proceedure and due process.


Cllr. Philip Lynam (Sinn Féin): says he doesn’t want a concrete jungle but voted for the developement regardless.

Cllr. Justin Sinnott (Independent): believes that the issues we have raised could probably be applied to any  proposed development within Fingal and is supporting the Development.

Cllr. Duncan Smith (Labour): also, said these issues could be raised by any part of the county including South County Dublin or any parish in the county. He berated his fellow councillors for speaking against the development and and representing the views of their local constituants.

Cllr. Joe Newman (Independent): thinks the proposed development looks quite well, fits well in the area and thinks it will benefit the estates on both sides. he said it was a main road and so would not a good space for putting a playground in.

Cllr. Paul Mulville (Independent): while voting for the proposed development, at least did raise several points around how misleading the councils report was.

Cllr. Adrian Henchy (Fianna Fáil):
: didn’t believe that there could be any argument against a poorly planned development when there exists a housing crisis and referenced comments that an entitlement to housing be placed into the consitution.

Cllr. Anne Devitt (Independent): who refused to engage with us, at any time during the public constulation, made outlandish claims about us being confused and felt that Balrothery had perfectly adequte shops and pubs etc. Her treatment of our submission and other councillors contributions based on it was offencive.


Note* there were some further comments from council management and back and forth with councillors. If you wish, you can watch the full proceedings at this link:

Tomorrow is the Big Vote

Dear Residents,

Fingal County Council’s Balbriggan / Swords Local Area Committee sits tomorrow to decide the fate of our last remaining council owned green space in the village. At this stage, we have:

Part 8 Development (Balbriggan Ward Votes)

Part 8 Development (Balbriggan Ward Votes)

As we understand it, having corrisponed and met with many of Fingals County Councillors, from the Balbriggan (as per the image) / Swords Local Area Committee, out of a total of 17 votes, we have 7 votes who are against the development and support our position, 7 on the fence and 3 (all Labour) for the development and ignoring the sentiment of the local community. As we need a majority of 9 to block this development it will be close but we are hopeful that those on the fence, will see sense, before or at tomorrows Vote.

As for the larger Fingal Council, when and if this proposal goes to a full vote of all 40 councillors, we currently have 20 votes who are against the development and support our position, assuming political parties, follow the vote of their local Balbriggan / Swords councillors.

In the coming days after tomorrows vote, we will publish a full report on our interactions with all the Fingal Councillors (including full corrispondance of the afore mentioned 140 emails), those who engaged with us, those who didn’t as well as the individual positions of all members of the council.

For now though we feel we can do no more and the fate of our village now lays in the hands of local councillors who we hope will represent the overwhelming views of the community and be brave on this most difficult issue.
Best regards,

Denis Finnegan,
Rosepark Residents Association

Fingal Report on Darcystown Rd. Development

Dear Residents,

As some of you will know, on Monday the 9th of December, Fingal County Management released a report which contained their own recommendations and which supposedly was to be a summary of submissions received from the public regarding the Part 8/Xl Proposed Works at Darcystown, Balrothery.

FCC Draft Chief Executive Report

Unfortunately, the report was a huge disappointment as we feel it misrepresented ours and others submissions, the public sentiment and was filled with inaccuracies and misrepresentations. As a result and following on from our detailed original submission, we issued a strong and direct response to the councils report ahead of tomorrow’s meeting and we wanted to share this with you ahead of the vote on this proposed development which is due to go ahead tomorrow.

RRA Response to FCC Report

Quinn Eager To Improve Balrothery Estate

Local Sinn Fein councillor Malachy Quinn, has expressed his interest in improving the Balruddery Woods Estate in Balrothery.

At the latest Council meeting, he not only asked the Chief Executive to install an additional two speed ramps, but to provide a public bin as the instances of littering has increased. The councillor felt the speed ramps would curb the instances of speeding in the area, however in their response, the Council noted that ramps are generally not considered in cul de sacs. The Council did agree to examine the location, but stated, “any reports of speeding should be brought to the attention of An Garda Síochána who are the enforcement authority for road traffic issues.” In terms of litter, the Council felt the provision of additional public bins wasn’t necessary. They recognised a total of seven bins already in Balrothery village that are emptied daily, six days a week. “The Balrothery village area is swept on a rota basis, approximately every four to five week, as in all similar areas in the North County,” they explained. “The Council also responds to requests from Balrothery residents to deal with fly tipping incidents.”  “The Balbriggan/Swords Operations Unit continues to support Residents Associations who wish to hold Community Clean-Up Days in their locality through the provision of bags and the removal of litter gathered. Should the residents of Balruddy Woods wish to avail of such support they can contact the Unit directly,” the Council concluded.

The Full Article can be read on the North County Leader Website

Balrothery Community Council AGM (Tonight 8pm)

Dear Residents,

It’s just come to our attention that the Balrothery Community Council are holding their annual AGM tonight (Thursday 4th) at 8pm in the Heritage center.

Unfortunately, The Rosepark Residents Association just found out this evening so apologies for the short notice but we were not aware as we hadn’t received any communication from the Balrothery Community Council, which is a separate body to the Residents Association. That said, we understand that councillors will be present so it is important that we continue to press our position.

The Rosepark Residents Association Committee has sent over 120 emails in the last few weeks and met with many local councillors in an effort to lobby Fingal County Councillers to change there position on this matter and it is important that we show the community is still strong against this development.

Thank you All from the Rosepark Residents Association Committee.

Balrothery Green Space Deficit

Over the coming weeks, we intend to release bit size chunks from our submission for your consumption, if you’ll excuse the pun. The reason for this is so that the next time a councillor calls to your door, you’ll be armed with the issues that affect our community and you can ask your local councillor, what they are doing about it. Cheif amung those issues is the dire lack of green space created in the Balrothery area along with local residential development, as, when the council’s own recommendation is 15%, only 3% has been created in Ringfort and only 6% has been created in the area in line residential development over the last 10 years.

Rosepark in fairness does have 22% but only because the developer could not build on said green space due to the mound burial grounds and the holy well, both of which are not safe areas for children to play on, a fact which is acknowledgef by Fingal County Council.

One of the most sinister reasons for the lack of green space in Balrothery is because Fingal County Council has allowed residential development to go ahead without allocating an appropriate amount of green space within those developments as well as the fact that they have allowed green space to be reallocated to other areas of the county and for this reason, Balrothery now has a serious deficit in terms of green and open space.

Balrothery Green Space Map

Balrothery Green Space Map

This lack of green space can be clearly demonstrated by briefly assessing the Ringfort development where only 0.5 acres of open space is provided for a development of 157 houses which translates to 3% of site coverage. If the Darcystown road site was used as open space for Ringfort as we all originally believed it would, it would increase Ringforts percentage to 8% which brings it closer to the Development Plan standards although still a long way off 15%, as per their own guidelines.

We calculate that the local Balrothery area, currently has a green space allocation of only 12% overall and this includes the existing playing pitches (pre-2000). If you exclude the playing pitches and just focus on green space delivered in line with new develop

ment, the green space drops to a startling 6% which is well below the required standard of 15% green space that should be allocated with the construction of residential housing; according to Fingal County Councils own guidelines. By all accounts, this cannot be deemed as ‘proper planning’ of the area.

Specificall in terms of Green Space Reallocation and Resulting Deficit – We have learned that a developer currently building 10 houses to the East of Ringfort on the Darcystown Road was allowed to provide the Class 1 Open Space required on lands, instead to the North West of Balbriggan, which in essence, is asking children from Balrothery to travel to Balbriggan to play in this open space.

When is the council going to start spending the resources of Balrothery on the village of Balrothery? Well a start would certainly be to invest in the Darcystown road site as a public amenity space and as a start to redressing the decade’s worth of plundered and misappropriated investment from the Balrothery area.

Be sure and cite the lack of green space as a critical problem in our community and ask them what they intend to do about it, to secure your vote!