Fingal Independent – Coverage of Planning Objection

 Fingal Independent - Coverage of Darcystown Site Objection Submission

Fingal Independent – Coverage of Planning Objection

The Rosepark Residents Association would like to share with you; recent coverage of the Planning Objection, submitted in relation to the Housing Development which is planned for the Darcystown road site. You can find the details of this article covered below as well as in the attached image.

We have had some good feedback from local councillors since we submitted our objection and we will share this contact with you in the coming days.

The Rosepark Residents Association Committee.

[What follows is the text from the Fingal Independent Article 18 Nov 2014]

Residents lodge formal objection to housing plan

RESIDENTS in Rosepark estate in Balrothery have lodged a formal objection to build 10 social housing units on a tract of land that the community understood was reserved for recreational use.

The Rosepark Residents’ Association have lodged an objection to the proposed development to Fingal County Council but stressed the group is not against the delivery of social housing, in general.

The objection opens: ‘Before we outline the specific areas of concern and what we feel would be a more appropriate use for the area in question, we want to firstly point out that we do not object to the delivery of social housing for the population of Fingal and in actuality, we welcome such development in our area. ‘Unfortunately, we feel that no more residential development can proceed until vital services and facilities are delivered to an area that is currently overpopulated, over developed and hugely under resourced.

‘Our intention is to demonstrate through overwhelming evidence that the proposed development is inappropriate when viewed in accordance with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated.’

The residents’ association list three main areas objection to the development, including what it sees as the ‘ residential over development’ of the Balrothery area, a history of ‘ improper planning’ and ‘ unsustainable development’ in the area.

The association also propose that there is a ‘more appropriate use of the proposed site’. The residents of Rosepark told the council they have a ‘ multitude of ideas’ on what to do with the site, all around the creation of badly-needed recreational facilities for the community.

The association said there is a ‘deficit’ of recreational and green open spaces in the area and the objection states the community does not want to lose more green space to housing.

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