Balrothery Green Space Deficit

Over the coming weeks, we intend to release bit size chunks from our submission for your consumption, if you’ll excuse the pun. The reason for this is so that the next time a councillor calls to your door, you’ll be armed with the issues that affect our community and you can ask your local councillor, what they are doing about it. Cheif amung those issues is the dire lack of green space created in the Balrothery area along with local residential development, as, when the council’s own recommendation is 15%, only 3% has been created in Ringfort and only 6% has been created in the area in line residential development over the last 10 years.

Rosepark in fairness does have 22% but only because the developer could not build on said green space due to the mound burial grounds and the holy well, both of which are not safe areas for children to play on, a fact which is acknowledgef by Fingal County Council.

One of the most sinister reasons for the lack of green space in Balrothery is because Fingal County Council has allowed residential development to go ahead without allocating an appropriate amount of green space within those developments as well as the fact that they have allowed green space to be reallocated to other areas of the county and for this reason, Balrothery now has a serious deficit in terms of green and open space.

Balrothery Green Space Map

Balrothery Green Space Map

This lack of green space can be clearly demonstrated by briefly assessing the Ringfort development where only 0.5 acres of open space is provided for a development of 157 houses which translates to 3% of site coverage. If the Darcystown road site was used as open space for Ringfort as we all originally believed it would, it would increase Ringforts percentage to 8% which brings it closer to the Development Plan standards although still a long way off 15%, as per their own guidelines.

We calculate that the local Balrothery area, currently has a green space allocation of only 12% overall and this includes the existing playing pitches (pre-2000). If you exclude the playing pitches and just focus on green space delivered in line with new develop

ment, the green space drops to a startling 6% which is well below the required standard of 15% green space that should be allocated with the construction of residential housing; according to Fingal County Councils own guidelines. By all accounts, this cannot be deemed as ‘proper planning’ of the area.

Specificall in terms of Green Space Reallocation and Resulting Deficit – We have learned that a developer currently building 10 houses to the East of Ringfort on the Darcystown Road was allowed to provide the Class 1 Open Space required on lands, instead to the North West of Balbriggan, which in essence, is asking children from Balrothery to travel to Balbriggan to play in this open space.

When is the council going to start spending the resources of Balrothery on the village of Balrothery? Well a start would certainly be to invest in the Darcystown road site as a public amenity space and as a start to redressing the decade’s worth of plundered and misappropriated investment from the Balrothery area.

Be sure and cite the lack of green space as a critical problem in our community and ask them what they intend to do about it, to secure your vote!

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