Tomorrow is the Big Vote

Dear Residents,

Fingal County Council’s Balbriggan / Swords Local Area Committee sits tomorrow to decide the fate of our last remaining council owned green space in the village. At this stage, we have:

Part 8 Development (Balbriggan Ward Votes)

Part 8 Development (Balbriggan Ward Votes)

As we understand it, having corrisponed and met with many of Fingals County Councillors, from the Balbriggan (as per the image) / Swords Local Area Committee, out of a total of 17 votes, we have 7 votes who are against the development and support our position, 7 on the fence and 3 (all Labour) for the development and ignoring the sentiment of the local community. As we need a majority of 9 to block this development it will be close but we are hopeful that those on the fence, will see sense, before or at tomorrows Vote.

As for the larger Fingal Council, when and if this proposal goes to a full vote of all 40 councillors, we currently have 20 votes who are against the development and support our position, assuming political parties, follow the vote of their local Balbriggan / Swords councillors.

In the coming days after tomorrows vote, we will publish a full report on our interactions with all the Fingal Councillors (including full corrispondance of the afore mentioned 140 emails), those who engaged with us, those who didn’t as well as the individual positions of all members of the council.

For now though we feel we can do no more and the fate of our village now lays in the hands of local councillors who we hope will represent the overwhelming views of the community and be brave on this most difficult issue.
Best regards,

Denis Finnegan,
Rosepark Residents Association

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