Objection Deadline Tomorrow for 42 More Houses

As many of you will be aware, the battle for a playground, community centre or other amenity space on the Fingal County Council site on the Darcystown road was lost last month, even though the final vote was only just yesterday. But don’t dispare, we’ve certainly lost the battle but not the war.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the objections to the second phase of the private Garrai Linn development, further up the Darcystown Rd. which proposes 42 houses consisting of detached and semi-detatched dwellings. We have lodged an formal objection on your behalf objecting to some specific elements of the new development as well as highlighting again, some of the very many issues still affecting the Balrothery Community.

Below is a summary of objections we are making regarding the second phase of a private development in the Balrothery area. This development is in the vicinity of the prior Part 8 development, on which we previously communicated. Unfortunately, the issues effecting the area that drove our previous submission relating to the Part 8, still apply.


A) Issues Affecting the Garraí Linn Development Itself:

  1. Class 1 Open Space Under-provision
    1. Class 1 open space not provided for in Phase 1 (Ref. F13A/0322) and a contribution of 31k was taken in lieu of space instead. In Phase 2 (F14A/0488), it is proposed, as it was in Phase 1, that the Class 1 open space be provided in Northwest Balbriggan. We would request all open space be provided for on-site and that F.C.C do not accept contributions in lieu of this open space.
  2. Serious Flood Risk
    1. Surface water is already an issue on Phase 1 of the development with evidence of excess water pumped off site. This constitutes serious concerns regarding the planning application where it stated the site had never been flooded and we now call for a full Flood Risk and Impact Assessment carried out.
  3. Housing Density
    1. This planning application plaudits itself on lower housing density against the adjoining Ringfort estate but the density is misrepresented by the inclusion of the existing units from the development (F13A/0322). This Planning application (Ref. F14A/0488) should be assessed in its own right as represents is a significant increase in density, contrary to the guidelines contained in pre-existing development plans.
  4. Missing Phase 2 Commitments
    1. Phase 1 of this development promised a number of items to be delivered in Phase 2; due to their absence in Phase 1 such, as a playground and dormer housing units. We would ask that these be included and that F.C.C review the commitments made by the developer in Phase 1 to ensure there have not been other such omissions.

B) Issues Affecting the Surrounding Area:

  1. Open Space Deficit
    1. There are 7.41Ha of public open space in the Balrothery area. Over the last decade; which is the period during which Balrothery’s population grew by 76%, less than 6% open space has been provided within new developments for residents. Either green space is being transferred to other parts of the county, contributions are being taken lieu of open space or open space is not being provided for in the first place, as per Ringfort Estate which has a scandalous 3% open space. Hence, as by Fingal’s own guidelines which state a recommend 15% in line with new development, 6% overall could not be considered acceptable and should be remedied.
  2. Oversubscribed National School
    1. Planning permission currently exists for the expansion of the local school but as F.C.C knows the current planning proposal simply involves alterations to the existing school building, replacement of the existing prefabs and confirms that the prefabs will be removed off site, when the single story extension is built. It confirms that no additional places will be added to the school’s capacity and furthermore, the waiting list into the next 3 years already exceeds the local schools current capacity.
  3. Traffic Management & Safety
    1. All council sponsored surveys have shown that traffic on the Darcystown road are in excess of the speed limit. Existing initiatives such as the VA Signage have failed as evidenced by the fact that a young local nine year old was knocked from their bike trying to round a car due parked on a narrow footpath as well as the case of a toddler being struck by a lorry on the same stretch of road. Traffic Safety, including parking, still need to be addressed.
  4. Lack of Facilities
    1. Fingal County Council has acknowledged that Balrothery is lacking facilities such as a community centre, medical and retail facilities. We again add areas for safe play, transport links and other local resources to this list and ask that F.C.C address this deficit before any further development takes place.

C) A History of Impropper Planning and Unsustainable Development


If you are interested in reading further detail on this planning objection, you can access a copy of our objection here.

What can you do?

You still have time to make an objection but your objection must be delivered to Fingal County Council on or before 14-Jan-2015 along with a €20 fee. Alternatively, you can also register online with F.C.C @ http://planning.fingalcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas/run/wchintlogin.display?ApnID=F14A/0488 and submitt your objection electronically. More information is available from www.balrothery.com

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