Rose Park Clean Up Day

Calling all Residents of Rose Park to our

Annual Clean Up Day

3rd of October 2015 @ 12 noon (meeting at the green)

Clean Up DayWe often meet people who speak with admiration about the Rose Park Estate, its a fabulous part of the area to live in, great reputation, wonderful families and clean and well kept.

Well unfortunately this doesn’t happen with the help of magic pixies. It takes a little bit of graft, once or twice a year which is not too much to ask. This plus the wonderful volunteer work through out the year such as grass cutting and maintenance of the flowerbed and so on, means we all get to live in a lovely estate.

We’re only asking for an hour or two of your time to help us give the estate a little bit of a spruce up before the Winter truly arrives. As usual we would invite you to bring the kids out and to make it a family affair. We’ll be weeding, trimming, collecting rubbish and all the usual activities so we hope to see you there on Saturday the 3rd of October.

P.S. We’ll definitely be going ahead this weekend, rain, sleet or snow… See you all there.

Rosepark Residents Association.

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