Darcystown Road Development (Meeting Thu 23rd)

The Rosepark Residents Association Committee would like to inform residents that building works on the 9 social housing units adjacent to Rosepark and Ringfort estates have commenced and that the Committee have directly made representations on your behalf to North East Housing, who are managing the project, to ensure that disturbance and debris on the road are kept at a minimum.

Construction of 9 Social Housing Units on Darcystown Road, BalrotheryIMG_4821

In the meetings we have held with North East Housing, we have been informed that there are 13 tons of top soil to be removed from the site. In order to address our concerns, it was agreed that a road sweeper would be used daily; to clean the road and it was also agreed that vehicles relating to the site, would not be parked along the entrance of Rosepark. The builder did remark that the white van parked on the kerb was in the way and we have to follow this up with the builder. We were also informed that the current temporary entrance (across from the entrance to Rosepark), would be moved to the official entrance location at the other end of the site towards Ringfort once the archaeological dig is completed.

IMG_4822Construction of 9 Social Housing Units on Darcystown Road, Balrothery

We would remind residents that the RRA was unsuccessful in preventing this site from being used; for any other purpose, other than as a public amenity but we did manage to have the number of houses being built on the site, reduced from 10 to 9. However, as the building works now commence, we understand that residents may have further concerns around the building works and the future plans for this site and so we invite you to attend a meeting regarding this and other matters in the Armory at the Balrothery Inn on Thursday the 23rd.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Margaret Haugh

Chairperson of the Rosepark Residents Association.

Rosepark Residents Association Meeting

 Thursday 23 rd June – 8.30 Armoury, Balrothery Inn

Calling all Residents of Rosepark, A very important meeting has been arranged for all residents of Rosepark.

Matters to be reported on and discussed as follows:

1. Report of Rosepark Residents Association

2. Building of 9 bungalows for North East Housing Association on Darcystown Road

opposite Rosepark

3. Traffic management on Darcystown Road

4. Traffice management within Rosepark Estate

5. Suggestion of double yellow lines and traffic calming ramps for Rosepark

6. Proposed work on side and back ditch within Rosepark by Fingal Co Council

7. Report on activities of Balrothery Community Association

It is within your interest to attend and hear about the activities and plans for Rosepark and the village.

The committee look forward to meeting you all on the night.

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