Planned Residential Housing Development Notice

Rosepark Residents Notice


  • What’s happening & Where?
    • Construction of inappropriate Residential Housing units adjacent to the entrance of Rosepark and between Ringfort and Knightswood.
  • What are we doing?
    • Drafting an objection to said proposed development.
  • How will we do that?
    • In accordance with deficiencies in the local area plan and other concerns.
  • How can we find out more?
    • Check our website or attend the next committee meeting on Wednesday 8th of Oct.
  • When is the closing date for Objections to F.C.C?
    • Tuesday 11th of November.


The Rosepark Residents Association is writing to you to inform you of a planning notice recently erected and pertaining to the development of lands adjacent to the entrance of Rosepark Estate. These lands lie between the existing estates of Ringfort and Knightswood and have been identified by Fingal County Council for the development of 10 no. 2 bed houses, 13 car parking spaces and other associated site development works. These units are identified as being, committed to applications from the social housing list and will be managed by the North and East Housing Association.

To the right is a map showing the proposed new development and we feel, misleadingly, includes the green areas of Knightswood as part of the new development when this area is exists at present and is completely separate from the proposed site.

Planned Social Housing on Darcystown Road beside Ringfort in Balrothery.

FCC Plans for Site

These plans are now at public consultation phase and so we on the Committee feel it is important to represent the views of residents of Rosepark, by lodging an fair but robust objection on their behalf; to the proposed use of these adjacent lands for residential development, in what is an already over developed and under resourced area.

It is critical that residents, who also wish to lodge their own objections to these proposed developments, understand the frame of reference for submissions, during this public consultation.

F.C.C (Fingal County Council), have specifically requested for “Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated”. Our interpretation of this instruction, translates to the understanding that any submissions based purely on the plans relating to the development of these housing units; in their own right, are unlikely to be seriously considered. However, submissions based on “sustainable development of the area”, are much more likely to be considered and upheld. Therefore we intend to make our submission in accordance with the following, broadly based concerns:

  • Over Development of the Balrothery Area
    • Deficit in terms of public amenities versus contributions paid to F.C.C on by Joe Wade and the construction of other existing estates since 2002.
    • Lack of sustainable planning and failure to complete actions identified in the F.C.C local area plan for the community of Balrothery.
    • Misleading information on the
    • Lack of existing Green Areas & Facilities
      • Failure to level the mound green area within the Rosepark estate and hence a lack of safe play area for children of the Rosepark Estate.
      • Lack of amenities in the local area
      • Lack of commercial facilities in the Balrothery Area
      • Inappropriate Footpath Ways
      • Any designated recreational play areas
      • No existing transport links available for the Balrothery Community.
      • Traffic Management Issues relating to Child Safety Including
        • Speed of existing traffic
        • Safe crossing areas for children
        • Parking related to planned double yellow lines on the Balrothery to Skerries Road (aka. Darceystown Road).
        • Balrothery Primary School Capacity
          • Current village primary school at capacity and over subscribed
          • Currently no expansion planned for the existing school with an expanding local population.

It is our understanding that the Balrothery Community Council has called a Public Meeting for Thursday 2nd of October @ 8pm in the Old Church & that this issue is on the Agenda to be discussed. Rosepark committee members will be in attendance at this meeting but we encourage residents to attend also where you will have an opportunity to voice your opinion on the Development of Balrothery Village.

We will be supporting the Balrothery Community Council as a feeder Residents Association but we also wish to notify residents that on your behalf, will be making a considered but forthright objection to the currently proposed planned works, on the afore mentioned site. We will be submitting this documentation directly to Fingal County Council on your behalf and we welcome feedback on the draft objection documentation, which is currently being drafted by the committee and will be available to registered users of the Rosepark Website and to residents who contact us or meet with us at the next meeting of the Rosepark Residents Association Committee.

The next meeting of the Rosepark Residents Association Committee will on Wednesday the 8th of October and will be held to discuss the afore mentioned draft objection proposal. we invite any concerned residents to attend the committee meeting to air their concerns, feed into the draft proposal and to be informed of the current progress of the committee with regard to this matter, particularly residents from the front road.

Finally, the closing date for objections to be submitted to Fingal County Council is Tuesday the 11th of November and all plans and documentation relating to said development are available at:

To stay in touch with developments on this ongoing issue, please email or visit


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  1. Hallaz October 4, 2014 at 7:47 pm #

    Hi, Where is the meeting being held on 8th October? Thanks

    • denisfinnegan October 5, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

      Thank you for your interest. The Meeting will be held in the Armory in the Balrothery Inn pub in Balrothery.

      • Hallaz October 8, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

        Thanks and what time?

        • denisfinnegan October 8, 2014 at 6:53 pm #

          Apologies, 8pm this evening, on my way down now.

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