F.C.C Accusations of Non-Response Rebuffed by R.R.A

HEADLINE: Fingal County Council Accusations of Non-Response Rebuffed by the Rosepark Residents Association

Recently, we told you about an Article published in the Fingal Independant ragarding double yellow lines on the Darcystown Road at the front of the Rosepark estate.

In the article, Fingal County Council claimed that the lining scheme had been proposed to us and that we had not responded. Well, we have retrived our corrispondance confirming that we did responsd and have sent a letter to the Fingal Independant to clarify that, not only had we responded, but that we are the ones still awaiting a response from Fingal County Council and to retract the original, misrepresentitive statement.

Lastly, we also find it strange that this article suddenly appeared only 2 days after the Balrothery Community Council met, to discuss the neglect of the Balrothery Area by Fingal County Council.

We await a response from the Fingal Independant and accordingly from Fingal County Council on the below letter:


Dear Editor,

In response to an article recently published and available online from the following link, in which the actions of the Rosepark Residents Association Committee have been misrepresented I wish to clarify the situation.


 The article states “’This scheme was shown to residents at that time but no further response was received from them.’” (scheme attached), and we wanted to inform you that the above statement is wholly inaccurate and untrue and we would like to produce evidence that effect



24/05/2012 – Martin Sweeney, Fingal County Council

Contact was made with F.C.C who informed us a Speed Survey was underway after original requests from us through Senator Darragh O’Brien.


17/09/2012 – Graham Scanlan, Rosepark Residents Association

Followed up with Senator Darragh O’Brien who originally contacted F.C.C


18/09/2012 – Report provided by F.C.C

We received the report from F.C.C (see attached document “Rosepark Park Balrothery Speed Survey) and were surprised to find that the average speed of 85% of the traffic was at an average speed of 53kph, in excess of the area speed limit; as was the previous speed survey which showed 85% of the traffic to be at 60kph but this was deemed acceptable by F.C.C. The report also contained a recommendation as follows:

 “It is the Traffic Sections opinion that this location would not be prioritised for additional Traffic Management measures over an above the provision of lining. A proposed lining drawing will be available for consideration and consultation by the end of June 2012 and any agreed works will be subject to available funding.”


 05/10/2012 – Notification sent to Fingal County Council from Rosepark Residents Association

Ahead of a deputation meeting due to take place on the 8th of November, we explicitly stated the following in relation to the lining scheme. A view which was express in written form here and verbally to councillors.

“The Rosepark Resident committee feel that the opinion of the Traffic Sections not to prioritise this area for additional Traffic Management measures over and above the provision of a lining scheme to rationalise parking is not adequate. Therefore  we request that the Councillors and Traffic section reconsider the matters outlined by Rosepark Residents Association  with a view to producing a more comprehensive and satisfactory plan for this area.”


 At a Deputation meeting with Fingal C.C. on the 8th of November 2012, we agreed to inform the residents about the council suggested lining plan, an image of lining plan was supplied to us. To date Rosepark Residents Association are of the same opinion that was given prior to and at the deputation meeting, that we do not see this as a resolution to the situation.  To date we have not been contacted by Fingal C.C. with an alternative solution nor have we heard back from the housing department & property services regarding our enquiry about the ownership and plans for the land between Ringford and Knightswood estates despite a clear undertaking at the Deputation Meeting.  As an active Residents Association we are always available to be contacted regarding any matter which concerns the community.


Best regards,

Margaret Haugh (Chairperson),
Rosepark Residents Association


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