Rosepark Residents Deny Council Report


RESIDENTS in Rosepark, Balrothery have challenged a council report on negotiations it held over a proposal to install traffic calming measures in the estate, calling the report ‘wholly inaccurate’.

Rosepark Residents Association deny Fingal County Council Report

Rosepark Residents Response

In a report presented to local councillors recently, the council claimed that no response was received from residents on a proposed traffic lining scheme recommended by the local authority’s traflic section.
Rosepark residents have strongly rejected that assertion this week saying the council report is ‘wholly inaccurate and untrue’. The Rosepark Residents Association detail a number of discussions it has held with the council over the need for traffic calming in ‘the estate and the residents say they were ‘surprised’ by a traffic survey conducted by the council’s determination that traflic calming like speed bumps ‘would not be prioritised’ on the estate.

The council’s proposal to provide a new lining scheme to tackle the problem was rejected by the association. The residents said the lining scheme was ‘not adequate’ and requested that councillors and the traffic section ‘reconsider’ the proposals with a view to ‘producing a more comprehensive and satisfactory plan for this area’.

According to the residents association: ‘To date Rosepark Residents Association are of the same opinion that was given prior to and at the deputation meeting, that we do not see this as a resolution to the situation.

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