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The Rosepark Residents Association was formed on 1st December 2011 and is well established with numerous events and initiatives organised for the betterment of the local area. The Residents Association is an elected committee of eight people and represents the residents of Rosepark Estate in Balrothery.

We formed to promote and enhance the environment of the area, in which we all live and furthermore, to ensure that Rosepark is well represented when dealing with Local and Statutory Bodies.

Your Committee for 2014:

The committee’s period runs from March through the following February.

  • Chairperson – Margaret Haugh
  • Secretary – Niamh Herbert
  • Treasurer – Nicola Bolger
  • Committee – Kevin Tolan
  • Committee – Denis Finnegan
  • Committee – Paul O’Reilly
  • Committee – Clare McCormack
  • Committee – Clive Woods
  • Sub-Committee – Debbie O’Mahony
  • Sub-Committee – Janette Devane


The Rosepark Residents Association Constitution.


Achievements during 2013:

   Events & Achievements:

o   Reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour

§  We had a severe problem with antisocial behaviour in certain parts of the green and thanks to the association and its interaction with Balbriggan Community Policing as well as legal action taken by neighbours, the severest of these problems have been eradicated and peace returned to these areas of the estate. A sincere thank you to all involved.

o   Wildflower Green

§  Except for the intervention of the Association and in particular its Chairperson, the Green or Mound as it’s better known would have been replaced with wildflowers (a.k.a. weeds) by Fingal County Council as the estate is now in their care. Due to the resistance to this measure, we were told cutting of the green would no longer be possible and by favours from council members as well as Joe Callaghan, we have taken on this work ourselves. A sincere thank you to Margaret.

o   Clean Up Day

§  Good turn out for the clean up day in June 2013 with the estate kerbsides de-weeded and edged, brushed and grass cut as well as flowers and shrubbery planted at the entrance to the estate. Bibs were provided for children to encourage participation and we were also entered the estate to Fingal Cleaner Communities Awards 2013 as a result of the members efforts.

o   Activity Day (Family Fun Event)

§  Was organised for the 17th of August 2013 from 3pm to 5pm, with activities and face painting on the day as well as goodie bags and certificates were prepared for the children. It was a big success and we would hope to run one again this year.

o   Association Website Created

§  Website provides a method of communicating with and polling residents on topical issues or events but low registrations has meant it is not an ideal method of communication.

·         Other Initiatives

o   Fence Erected

§  We had a fence erected at the edge of the green for the protection of children who were at risk on the adjoining road.

o   Newsletters Drops

§  Twice this year, we completed a newsletter drop informing residents of upcoming events and the work which the committee was carrying out.

o   Association Constitution Created

§  This constitution will be published on the website after the AGM.

o   Neighbour Complaints

§  System for handling inter-residential complaints or complaints associated with antisocial behaviour implemented.

o   Hire Your Neighbour Initiative (withdrawn)

§  We trialled a page on the website dedicated to neighbours business so that in these challenging times we could support each other but unfortunately, due to a lack of interest, it had to be withdrawn.

o   Local Amenities

§  Section created on the website to promote local amenities in the area.

o   Community SMS Scheme Initiative (tentative)

§  Investigated but cost and commitment too high, a cheaper equivalent can be provided using an email based system.

o   Security & General Information Publications

§  We have published on the website, a great deal of information about local services, events and local representatives as well as documents from the Gardaí about the preventing break-ins to your home.

o   Community Policing Forum

§  Attendance of Community Policing Forum meetings earlier this year, unfortunately this service has now been closed down.

o   Sponsorship

§  For any local business willing to donate to the Residents Association, we can in return ensure that all communications, including emails, newsletter drops and board postings, will contain reference material to their business.

o   Entrance Sign

§  Work has been done kindly by Ciaran to prepare a wood sign but now we need something to mount it on. Proposal to secure something that can also be coupled with a dedication to Joe Callaghan.

o   Dog Fouling Reporting Initiative

§  We published on the website, as well as communicated on a newsletter drop asking residents to report dog fouling to us, with photographic evidence of the incident in action if possible and that we would report it on their behalf but have had no contact as a result. Additionally we have published and would like to remind residents that FCC in partnership with the Dublin Regional Authority has published a dog fouling hotline and that number again is 1800-250-500.

·         Maintenance Activities

o   Cutting of the grass on the green and kerb side by the late Joe Callaghan.

o   Planting of flowers and shrubbery throughout the estate.

o   Watering of flowers and shrubbery through dry periods.

o   Additional trees were secured and planted by FCC.

o   Weeding of flowerbeds and pots.

o   Organisation of insurance cover for Association activities

o   Printing of Newsletters, membership forms, certificates, consent forms and donation envelopes were all provided for free of charge by committee members this last year.

o   Committee members performing newsletter drops and door to door collections for funding.

·         Poll Outcomes:

o   Communal Bin

§  We published a poll asking residents if they would like a bin on or near the green and the results were 23 votes with 30% against and 70% in favour of a bin once the bin provided arrangements in place for regular collection, that there is no access for animals and that we can prevent fly tipping into it.

o   Dog Fouling Reporting Initiative

§  Currently we are running a poll to try and find out if residents feel that dog fowling is a problem on the estate and while we have only had 5 votes, 100% of them all say yes.

o   Looking for next Poll Suggestions

§  What Property Tax Rate Paid for example?


Achievements during 2012:

  1. Registered the Residence Association with the Community, Culture & Sports Division within the Fincal Co. Council.
  2. Exploratory meetings have been held with personel from the Parks & Roads Department of Fingal Co. Council.
  3. Speed Test carried out on the Main Balrothery to Skerries Road to check for speeding traffic.
  4. Prevention of the destruction of the grass area on the main green and it’s replacement with wildflowers (aka weeds).
  5. Action taken on serious anti-social behaviour
  6. Clean up day in July 2012
  7. Completion and taking in hand of the estate
  8. Fundraising to support the Residence Assoication
  9. Entry to the Tidy Estates Competition
  10. First part of Tree Planting Programme for the estate

Action Items for 2013:

  1. Website for Residence Association to be constructed
  2. Continuation of  Tree Planting Programme in 2013
  3. Organisation of Rosepark Activity Day
  4. Estate Cleanups of Rosepark Estate
  5. Reconstruction of entrance flower bed and other green areas
  6. Construction of newsletter programme
  7. Vandalism and youth anti-social behaviour
  8. Community saftey

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