Darcystown Road Housing Development – Objection Proposal (PDF)

PDF Download

PDF Download

We note that some residents have had trouble accessing the recent “Objection Proposal” submitted to Fingal County regarding the use of the Fingal County Council owned Darcystown road site.

As a result, we have uploaded a PDF version of the document, which you might find easier to access. See link: http://www.roseparkresidentsassociation.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Rosepark-Residents-Commitee-Objection-Submission.pdf

The site which is located between Ringfort and Knightswood is planned for housing developement on a road that is not safe for Children, in a way that will further destroy local heritage, in an area that is already over developed and under resourced; with no places available in the local primary school amongst a host of other problems and on the last remaining green site available for amenities in the village.

We have been busy individually writing to all 40 Fingal County Council Councillors and we will update you in the coming days as we see responses from them, along with clarity on their stance around the issues affecting our local community. Watch your email, the website and +follow our Facebook Page to stay up to date with all the latest happenings.

Facebook Page for Rosepark Residents Association Launched

Rospark Residents Association Facebook Page

Rospark Residents Association Facebook Page

Due to the popularity of Facebook as a means of communication, we have launched our Rosepark Residents Association Facebook page to compliment the existing Rospark Residents Association Website but we still encourage all residents to sign up to the website as doing so will ensure you receive email communications about the latest events and activities organised by the Association Committee. Just visit our Registraiton Page to register.

In future all new communications will be published to Residents on both Platforms but the Website will remain the Rosepark Residents Associations Primary medium of communication.

We are now asking all existing residents to please visit our Rosepark Residents Association Facebook page, to follow us, like our page and tell your neighbours that there is now an even easier way to stay in touch with the activities of their Local Residents Association Committee.

Fingal Independent – Coverage of Planning Objection

 Fingal Independent - Coverage of Darcystown Site Objection Submission

Fingal Independent – Coverage of Planning Objection

The Rosepark Residents Association would like to share with you; recent coverage of the Planning Objection, submitted in relation to the Housing Development which is planned for the Darcystown road site. You can find the details of this article covered below as well as in the attached image.

We have had some good feedback from local councillors since we submitted our objection and we will share this contact with you in the coming days.

The Rosepark Residents Association Committee.

[What follows is the text from the Fingal Independent Article 18 Nov 2014]

Residents lodge formal objection to housing plan

RESIDENTS in Rosepark estate in Balrothery have lodged a formal objection to build 10 social housing units on a tract of land that the community understood was reserved for recreational use.

The Rosepark Residents’ Association have lodged an objection to the proposed development to Fingal County Council but stressed the group is not against the delivery of social housing, in general.

The objection opens: ‘Before we outline the specific areas of concern and what we feel would be a more appropriate use for the area in question, we want to firstly point out that we do not object to the delivery of social housing for the population of Fingal and in actuality, we welcome such development in our area. ‘Unfortunately, we feel that no more residential development can proceed until vital services and facilities are delivered to an area that is currently overpopulated, over developed and hugely under resourced.

‘Our intention is to demonstrate through overwhelming evidence that the proposed development is inappropriate when viewed in accordance with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated.’

The residents’ association list three main areas objection to the development, including what it sees as the ‘ residential over development’ of the Balrothery area, a history of ‘ improper planning’ and ‘ unsustainable development’ in the area.

The association also propose that there is a ‘more appropriate use of the proposed site’. The residents of Rosepark told the council they have a ‘ multitude of ideas’ on what to do with the site, all around the creation of badly-needed recreational facilities for the community.

The association said there is a ‘deficit’ of recreational and green open spaces in the area and the objection states the community does not want to lose more green space to housing.

Coffee Morning – Irish Premature Babies

 Coffee Morning in support of Irish Premature Babies

Coffee Morning in support of Irish Premature Babies

Coffee Morning in Support of Irish Premature Babies

DATE: Sunday 16 Nov 2014

TIME: 10 AM to 12 Noon

VENUE: 14 Rosepark Balrothery

We would like to support the Finnerty Family and the Irish Premature Babies foundation by making you aware of a coffee morning taking place this Sunday at the Finnerty residence. James Finerty was born 7 weeks premature in March of this year and we are delighted to lend our support to “Irish Premature Babies”, who are doing fantastic work in this area. We hope we can count on your support and that Cecelia and James will see you on Sunday morning.


Balrothery Tidy Towns Table Quiz


Support Balrothery Tidy Towns and Balrothery Youth Club by supporting a Quiz Night at the Balrothery Inn on Friday 21st of November at 9pm.

The Quiz is supported by Balrothery Community Council, with all proceeds going to Tidy Towns and Youth Club.

A table of four costs €20 and there will be a raffle and spot prizes on the night.

The Rosepark Residents Association fully supports the Balrothery Community Council in their efforts to intoduce and build on tidy towns and youth services and we encourage all residents to lend their support.

Submission regarding proposed Part 8 Housing Development on Darcystown Road, Balrothery

To all residents of Rosepark, this post is to notify you that we have submitted our objection to the Part 8/Xl Proposed Works at Darcystown, Balrothery, Co. Dublin.

On Tuesday the 11th of November, we submitted our “Objection” (Click here to access: Rosepark Residents Association Commitee – Objection Submission) of the afore mentioned; proposed works, to the Senior Executive Officer of the Housing Department in Fingal County Council.

The attached objection is regarding the provision or lack thereof, of badly needed local infrastructure and amenities, for the overdeveloped and under resourced community of Balrothery and requests that Fingal County Council address these issues, before any further residential housing development, go ahead.

It highlights a litany of neglect, poor planning and unsustainable development by F.C.C. and we hope that as a member of the local community, you will not only undertake to familiarise yourself with the issues highlighted but that we can count on your support in the comming months; regardless of the outcome of this objection, to add your voice to our own, in requesting F.C.C to take on board local concerns.

We thank you again for your ongoing support including attendance at the demonstration day and we hope that we have done you proud in relation to the attached submission. Rosepark-Residents-Commitee-Submission-Final.docx

See also Local Contributions from Developers to Fingal County Council which shows the moneys paid to FCC and finally, a sketch / drawing that was included with our Objection Submission for a better use for the darcystown rd. site.

Best regards,

Denis Finnegan,
Rosepark Residents Association


Balrothery, the Village Fingal Forgot

[We wanted to share with you the protest write up we sent to both the Fingal Independant and the North County Leader]

The quiet village of Balrothery, nestled in the hills of Fingal, well known for its association with Cricket and Heritage, has seen much change over the last 2 decades but unfortunately, very little of that change has been positive. Only in the last 10 years, the residential population of Balrothery has exploded by 76% but in that time, Fingal County Council has failed repeatedly to deliver the necessary social and physical infrastructure to support its growth, through a decade of undelivered self-declared objectives.

Darcystown Road Site on Ringfort Lands

Darcystown Road Site on Ringfort Lands

In a recent planning submission, for a vacant council owned site on the Darcystown road, local residents learned that a patch of land, which they had always believed, would be used for the benefit of the local community and which is the last remaining green spaces in the area, was to be used for a Residential Housing Development. This was the last broken promise that local residents could abide from Fingal County Council and so concerned Balrothery Residents met on October 2nd through the Balrothery Community Council, determined to highlight the neglect, poor planning and unsustainable development that has and is currently taking place in the local Balrothery area.

The local residents cited a litany of failures and problems in the area at the top among them, Traffic safety concerns, which had been raised on multiple occasions with F.C.C according to local residents. These relating to problems with speeding traffic, which F.C.Cs own surveys show are in excess of the speed limit and with the only traffic calming measure installed by F.C.C, a digital speed check sign, non-functional for the last 18 months, Residents believe traffic speeds are back in excess of the councils previous survey, of over 60kph. With the recent death of 6 year old Jake Brennan killed by a car in a housing estate in Kilkenny, F.C.C should listen to residents in local areas who understand the dangers posed by inappropriate speeding traffic and work proactively to prevent the death of the next Jake Brennan. In addition to the traffic speeding issues, narrow and unsafe footpaths and parking facilities have resulted in treacherous travel conditions for local school children and families. This was demonstrated only recently, when a young 9 year old boy was knocked from his bike by a passing car in an area that has been repeatedly pointed out by residents, as an accident waiting to happen.

 Fingal Co. Council Website Find a Park or Open Space

Fingal Co. Council Website Find a Park or Open Space

Traffic management and safety aren’t the only items that F.C.C has neglected in the area however. The local residents have highlighted that there is a sever lack of amenities such as parks and playgrounds for children with F.C.C own website directing locals to go somewhere else to find parks or open space. Quote: “There are no parks in your area. Choose another area to find a park nearby.”

The local primary school in Balrothery has been oversubscribed for years with local residents unable to access educational facilities as the school turns away almost a 100 children a year. There is no Community Centre in the village, a lack of public bins, no medical centre/GP/doctor, dentist, pharmacy, post office, Garda station, church, unemployment services, public parking and a lack of transport links to access these services elsewhere.

The problem of a neglected village and a lack of community facilities are not new problems for the residents of Balrothery however as the Fingal / Local area development plans for the last 12 years have had local objectives listed by F.C.C that were never delivered, such a new primary school, cycle and pedestrian walkways and the afore mentioned social and physical infrastructure. Since 2008 both Balrothery Community Council and Rosepark Residents held Deputation meetings with FCC where all the issues outlined were presented and discussed.  Sadly, to date the majority of these concerns appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

Burial Site in the Rosepark Estate

Burial Site in the Rosepark Estate

One of the most criminal acts of all however, is the contempt that F.C.C has shown for local archaeology and heritage with its programme of building on “designated areas of archaeological interest”, including the proposed Darcystown site which is within this zone, its treatment of local national monuments, such as St. Bridget’s Holy well in Rosepark, now described on Wikipedia as a “Desecrated” site and its refusal to excavate a burial mound which sits in the middle of the Rosepark estate. In an area of the county which has been described as only second to Tara in its rich archaeological heritage, once a seat of kings and an area strongly linked to St. Patrick, F.C.C has; through poor planning and unsustainable development destroyed much of our local heritage and will now destroy the last remaining patch of land, which could be excavated and protected for future generations.

When Ringfort, which includes 157 houses was built by F.C.C, the boundary walls excluded this 0.8a site, which is within “the Zone of Archaeological Potential” area of Balrothery village. In fact, on the Ringfort Part 8 Plans, it was marked as a “reserved site” and not as housing at all, and so the last thing the local residents expected F.C.C to do, was to put another housing development on this special site.

Because of these reasons; but mostly because local children and teenagers have nowhere to go, and nowhere to play, the residents have banded together to protest the loss of the last remaining site where, a local amenity which would be of benefit to residents such as a community centre, playground, community garden, skate park or simply as some green open space could be created. With such an appalling record in the area for F.C.C, local residents hope that the council will see the extent to which they have neglected and forgotten about Balrothery and make a start towards recompense by building a playground on the proposed Darcystown road site.

Fingal Independent Coverage of Darcystown Site Demonstration

Balrothery residents protest against houses

RESIDENTS of Rosepark estate in Balrothery are concerned that the last hope for a playground or recreational space for their children is to disappear if plans to build ten new social housing units on a nearby site, go ahead.

The council wants to build ten new housing units on a site in the area but residents have always believed that the site was earmarked for a playground.

They took to the streets last week in protest against the proposals to build new houses there and dozens of children joined them, appealing to Fingal County Council to keep the site for a recreational or community facility.

Treasurer of the Rosepark Residents’ Association, Nicola Bolger grew up in Balrothery and has raised her own family there and says for decades, the need for more community and recreational facilities in the area has been ignored.

Article from the Fingal Independant

Article from the Fingal Independant

‘Basically, the protest was about trying to make an awareness of the fact that here are no facilities in the village and this is the one last suitable spot left to make a safe place for children to play,’ Nicola told the Fingal Independent.

Nicola said she moved into Rosepark on ‘day one’ and residents then were told the space now targeted for development was to be set aside for a children’s playground.

With children of her own, aged seven and three, this fight is personal for Nicola and many of the young families who moved into the estate on the promise that facilities would follow.

About 90 residents and children of the estate gathered for the protest last week in a bid to make their voices heard by the council. The Rosepark Residents Association is also drafting a formal application to the plans to build ten houses on the site, which it intends to submit to Fingal County Council soon. The controversial plan to construct ten social housing units in the area has caused a lot of local concern and Balrothery Community Council has hosted a public meeting on the issue. The community council is concerned that the village is already overdeveloped and further development cannot be justified until infrastructure and community facilities catch up with the level of development in Balrothery.

Also appearing in this issue of the Fingal Indepentent is an article from the Community Council that we’d like to share with you…

Balrothery Community Council pursuing concerns

FOLLOWING the very successful public meeting held by Balrothery Community Council in September, the community council have set about pursuing a number of the issues of concern raised by residents. To that end, A meeting between executives from the Operations Department of Fingal County Council and Balrothery Community Council, was held recently and was attended by county councillors, Cllr Tony Murphy (NP), Cllr Grainne Murphy (NP) and Cllr Malachy Quinn (SP). The meeting was preceded by a walkabout tour of Balrothery Village, identifying the concerning areas, highlighting pedestrian and traffic issues and illustrating the lack of spending and poor provision of facilities following many years of development seeing the village grow four fold in 15 short years from 130 dwellings to 630. One of Balrothery Community Councils key objectives is the revisiting and updating of the existing Local Area Plan. Delivering a comprehensive action plan to address the concerns, hopes and aspirations of the community of Balrothery.

Balrothery is also set to enter National Tidy Towns competition next year, after an absence of a few years and fundraising for the effort will begin with Quiz Night will be held in the Balrothery Inn on November 21, The quiz and this year’s Balrothery Inn Christmas Draw will benefit both the community council and the tidy towns effort.

Balrothery Community Council November Press Release

Following the very successful public meeting held by Balrothery Community Council in September where many issues arose, the singular message coming from the concerned residents was that the village could not accommodate more development and any further building or construction without feasible facilities and upgrading of very poor infrastructure, road and pathways could not proceed.A Meeting between Executives from the Operations Dept. Fingal County Council& Balrothery Community Council, was held Tuesday October 21st and was attended by County Councillors Cllr Tony Murphy, Cllr Grainne Murphy and Cllr Malachy Quinn. The meeting was preceded by a walkabout tour of Balrothery Village, identifying the concerning areas, highlighting pedestrian and traffic issues and illustrating the lack of spending and poor provision of facilities following many years of development seeing the village grow four fold in 15 short years from 130 dwellings to 630.

Of worrying concern it was noted that on several occasions’ delegates from Fingal County Council Operations department referred to Balrothery as a ‘Town’ and were duly reminded by the Chair, Niall Keady that Balrothery was a village.

One of Balrothery Community Councils key objectives is the revisiting and updating of the existing Local Area Plan. Delivering a comprehensive action plan to address the concerns, hopes and aspirations of the community of Balrothery.

A selection of immediate concerns & hopes raised at the meeting with local representatives and executives from Fingal County Council.

  1. Reopening of School Lane and other public right of ways.
  2. Provision of Cycleways, Paths & laneways, to accommodate access to Playing Fields, Rugby & Cricket Clubs, Hamilton Care Facility, Wavin Lake and Ardgillan Demesne. 
  3. Lack of playgrounds, community areas.
  4. The extension of Resource centre and community development of adjacent lands.
  5. Traffic Calming along Darcystown Rd, Man O’War Rd, Maddens Hill.
  6. Junction to Skerries/Man O’War and junction at foot of Maddens Hill.
  7. Parking: lack of public & residential parking

Either no funding or zero budget was cited as the reason for not being in a position to deliver.  Whilst the executives noted the selection of projects and issues were laudable, several projects and issues were classified as the responsibility of the Planning & Building Department of Fingal County Council and not the remit of the Operations Dept.  The full extent of what they are currently in a position to provide are a few small repairs and the possible extension of the paths on Maddens Hill.  Most of the concerns were noted as reasonable requests, there simply was no funding available to allocate to them and the onus was on the community to press their local representatives to ensure more funding was made available. There was also a general consensus from all parties in the room that as things stood it was agreed there was a lack of facilities andthat roads & paths required upgrading to accommodate the increase in pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Since the overdevelopment of the village the current infrastructure and facilities were not sufficient and further development and building could not be justified.

Balrothery Community Council are now calling for an urgent meeting with the executives of Fingal County Council Planning Department. We have also called for a Delegation Meeting with Fingal County Council Executive & Councillors. The Community Council have invited our local councillors, both area TD’s and Senators to join their November Community Council meeting. This will be followed by an AGM and Public meeting in December where progress to date and strategy going forward will be on the agenda.

The Community Council are enthused by the fantastic work done establishing two important new committees for Youth Services & Tidy Towns.   Balrothery will be entering the National Tidy Towns competition next year after some years of absence due the development works in the village.

Fundraising will begin immediately and we are delighted to announce a Quiz Night will be held in the Balrothery Inn on November 21st, we really hope the community will get behind this event and attend in as strong numbers as the resent public meetings, there will also be an opportunity to recruit volunteers for both Tidy Towns and Youth services. The Balrothery Inn have offered to hold this year’s Christmas Draw in aid of the Community Council the proceeds from the Quiz night and the Christmas Draw will be shared between both Youth Services and the Tidy Towns.

Email: council@balrothery.com

Visit Balbriggan.info Website

Darcystown Part 8 Site – Balrothery Demonstration

Thank you the Rosepark Residents Association, the Balrothery Community Council and to all residents from Balrothery who turned out to todays demonstration regarding the lack of amenities and the unsustainable, overdevelopment of the Balrothery area, especially the lack of safe play areas for children.

Most importantly; thank you to all parents and children, for helping us to highlight our conerns to Fingal County Council. We hope they are listening because we are not going anywhere and are only going to grow louder! We will soon have our submission prepared regarding F.C.Cs public consultation on this proposed development, so watch the website for more information.

Balrothery Community Council Demonstration Rosepark Balrothery Demonstration Knightswood Demonstration Ringfort Site Balrothery Demonstration Darcystown Road Balrothery Demonstration Balrothery Demonstration

Lastly, just to remind residents that you can send your own submissions to the below address but you must do so on, or before Tuesday 11th November, 2014.

Senior Executive Officer,
Housing Department
Fingal County Council,
Grove Road, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15.

P.S. We’d remind residents that submissions should be made, dealing with “the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated” and we would recommend that you not tackle the development itself as any submissions, purely on the development are less likely to succeed.

Rosepark Residents Deny Council Report


RESIDENTS in Rosepark, Balrothery have challenged a council report on negotiations it held over a proposal to install traffic calming measures in the estate, calling the report ‘wholly inaccurate’.

Rosepark Residents Association deny Fingal County Council Report

Rosepark Residents Response

In a report presented to local councillors recently, the council claimed that no response was received from residents on a proposed traffic lining scheme recommended by the local authority’s traflic section.
Rosepark residents have strongly rejected that assertion this week saying the council report is ‘wholly inaccurate and untrue’. The Rosepark Residents Association detail a number of discussions it has held with the council over the need for traffic calming in ‘the estate and the residents say they were ‘surprised’ by a traffic survey conducted by the council’s determination that traflic calming like speed bumps ‘would not be prioritised’ on the estate.

The council’s proposal to provide a new lining scheme to tackle the problem was rejected by the association. The residents said the lining scheme was ‘not adequate’ and requested that councillors and the traffic section ‘reconsider’ the proposals with a view to ‘producing a more comprehensive and satisfactory plan for this area’.

According to the residents association: ‘To date Rosepark Residents Association are of the same opinion that was given prior to and at the deputation meeting, that we do not see this as a resolution to the situation.

F.C.C Accusations of Non-Response Rebuffed by R.R.A

HEADLINE: Fingal County Council Accusations of Non-Response Rebuffed by the Rosepark Residents Association

Recently, we told you about an Article published in the Fingal Independant ragarding double yellow lines on the Darcystown Road at the front of the Rosepark estate.

In the article, Fingal County Council claimed that the lining scheme had been proposed to us and that we had not responded. Well, we have retrived our corrispondance confirming that we did responsd and have sent a letter to the Fingal Independant to clarify that, not only had we responded, but that we are the ones still awaiting a response from Fingal County Council and to retract the original, misrepresentitive statement.

Lastly, we also find it strange that this article suddenly appeared only 2 days after the Balrothery Community Council met, to discuss the neglect of the Balrothery Area by Fingal County Council.

We await a response from the Fingal Independant and accordingly from Fingal County Council on the below letter:


Dear Editor,

In response to an article recently published and available online from the following link, in which the actions of the Rosepark Residents Association Committee have been misrepresented I wish to clarify the situation.


 The article states “’This scheme was shown to residents at that time but no further response was received from them.’” (scheme attached), and we wanted to inform you that the above statement is wholly inaccurate and untrue and we would like to produce evidence that effect



24/05/2012 – Martin Sweeney, Fingal County Council

Contact was made with F.C.C who informed us a Speed Survey was underway after original requests from us through Senator Darragh O’Brien.


17/09/2012 – Graham Scanlan, Rosepark Residents Association

Followed up with Senator Darragh O’Brien who originally contacted F.C.C


18/09/2012 – Report provided by F.C.C

We received the report from F.C.C (see attached document “Rosepark Park Balrothery Speed Survey) and were surprised to find that the average speed of 85% of the traffic was at an average speed of 53kph, in excess of the area speed limit; as was the previous speed survey which showed 85% of the traffic to be at 60kph but this was deemed acceptable by F.C.C. The report also contained a recommendation as follows:

 “It is the Traffic Sections opinion that this location would not be prioritised for additional Traffic Management measures over an above the provision of lining. A proposed lining drawing will be available for consideration and consultation by the end of June 2012 and any agreed works will be subject to available funding.”


 05/10/2012 – Notification sent to Fingal County Council from Rosepark Residents Association

Ahead of a deputation meeting due to take place on the 8th of November, we explicitly stated the following in relation to the lining scheme. A view which was express in written form here and verbally to councillors.

“The Rosepark Resident committee feel that the opinion of the Traffic Sections not to prioritise this area for additional Traffic Management measures over and above the provision of a lining scheme to rationalise parking is not adequate. Therefore  we request that the Councillors and Traffic section reconsider the matters outlined by Rosepark Residents Association  with a view to producing a more comprehensive and satisfactory plan for this area.”


 At a Deputation meeting with Fingal C.C. on the 8th of November 2012, we agreed to inform the residents about the council suggested lining plan, an image of lining plan was supplied to us. To date Rosepark Residents Association are of the same opinion that was given prior to and at the deputation meeting, that we do not see this as a resolution to the situation.  To date we have not been contacted by Fingal C.C. with an alternative solution nor have we heard back from the housing department & property services regarding our enquiry about the ownership and plans for the land between Ringford and Knightswood estates despite a clear undertaking at the Deputation Meeting.  As an active Residents Association we are always available to be contacted regarding any matter which concerns the community.


Best regards,

Margaret Haugh (Chairperson),
Rosepark Residents Association


Rosepark speed ramps ruled out by council

According to an article today in the Independant.ie:

Our request for speed ramps has yet again been ignored by the council and they have yet again dismissed our concerns around speeding on the main road; having referred to a previous survey to examine speeding on the Balrothery to Skerries (Darceystown Road), that apparently verified speeding was not taking place but “what defines what a safe speed” on this road is what is in question.

The article refers to the fact that the council recommended that a lining scheme (double yellow lines) was proposed to the residents with no response. Our response at the time was that this was not an appropriate solution to the problem, without alternative arrangments being made for parking for residents.

Previously, we were told that speed ramps could not be implemented due to the road being used for Agricultural Traffic. In this latest article, we are now being told that they cannot be implemented due to the gradient of the hill. We find it strange also, that with the gradient of the hill in this densly populated area, such a concern, the council are proposing several new developments in the area which will only add additional traffic to this traffic management black spot.

Read the full article here: http://www.independent.ie/regionals/fingalindependent/news/rosepark-speed-ramps-ruled-out-by-council-30626206.html



Planned Residential Housing Development Notice

Rosepark Residents Notice


  • What’s happening & Where?
    • Construction of inappropriate Residential Housing units adjacent to the entrance of Rosepark and between Ringfort and Knightswood.
  • What are we doing?
    • Drafting an objection to said proposed development.
  • How will we do that?
    • In accordance with deficiencies in the local area plan and other concerns.
  • How can we find out more?
    • Check our website or attend the next committee meeting on Wednesday 8th of Oct.
  • When is the closing date for Objections to F.C.C?
    • Tuesday 11th of November.


The Rosepark Residents Association is writing to you to inform you of a planning notice recently erected and pertaining to the development of lands adjacent to the entrance of Rosepark Estate. These lands lie between the existing estates of Ringfort and Knightswood and have been identified by Fingal County Council for the development of 10 no. 2 bed houses, 13 car parking spaces and other associated site development works. These units are identified as being, committed to applications from the social housing list and will be managed by the North and East Housing Association.

To the right is a map showing the proposed new development and we feel, misleadingly, includes the green areas of Knightswood as part of the new development when this area is exists at present and is completely separate from the proposed site.

Planned Social Housing on Darcystown Road beside Ringfort in Balrothery.

FCC Plans for Site

These plans are now at public consultation phase and so we on the Committee feel it is important to represent the views of residents of Rosepark, by lodging an fair but robust objection on their behalf; to the proposed use of these adjacent lands for residential development, in what is an already over developed and under resourced area.

It is critical that residents, who also wish to lodge their own objections to these proposed developments, understand the frame of reference for submissions, during this public consultation.

F.C.C (Fingal County Council), have specifically requested for “Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated”. Our interpretation of this instruction, translates to the understanding that any submissions based purely on the plans relating to the development of these housing units; in their own right, are unlikely to be seriously considered. However, submissions based on “sustainable development of the area”, are much more likely to be considered and upheld. Therefore we intend to make our submission in accordance with the following, broadly based concerns:

  • Over Development of the Balrothery Area
    • Deficit in terms of public amenities versus contributions paid to F.C.C on by Joe Wade and the construction of other existing estates since 2002.
    • Lack of sustainable planning and failure to complete actions identified in the F.C.C local area plan for the community of Balrothery.
    • Misleading information on the
    • Lack of existing Green Areas & Facilities
      • Failure to level the mound green area within the Rosepark estate and hence a lack of safe play area for children of the Rosepark Estate.
      • Lack of amenities in the local area
      • Lack of commercial facilities in the Balrothery Area
      • Inappropriate Footpath Ways
      • Any designated recreational play areas
      • No existing transport links available for the Balrothery Community.
      • Traffic Management Issues relating to Child Safety Including
        • Speed of existing traffic
        • Safe crossing areas for children
        • Parking related to planned double yellow lines on the Balrothery to Skerries Road (aka. Darceystown Road).
        • Balrothery Primary School Capacity
          • Current village primary school at capacity and over subscribed
          • Currently no expansion planned for the existing school with an expanding local population.

It is our understanding that the Balrothery Community Council has called a Public Meeting for Thursday 2nd of October @ 8pm in the Old Church & that this issue is on the Agenda to be discussed. Rosepark committee members will be in attendance at this meeting but we encourage residents to attend also where you will have an opportunity to voice your opinion on the Development of Balrothery Village.

We will be supporting the Balrothery Community Council as a feeder Residents Association but we also wish to notify residents that on your behalf, will be making a considered but forthright objection to the currently proposed planned works, on the afore mentioned site. We will be submitting this documentation directly to Fingal County Council on your behalf and we welcome feedback on the draft objection documentation, which is currently being drafted by the committee and will be available to registered users of the Rosepark Website and to residents who contact us or meet with us at the next meeting of the Rosepark Residents Association Committee.

The next meeting of the Rosepark Residents Association Committee will on Wednesday the 8th of October and will be held to discuss the afore mentioned draft objection proposal. we invite any concerned residents to attend the committee meeting to air their concerns, feed into the draft proposal and to be informed of the current progress of the committee with regard to this matter, particularly residents from the front road.

Finally, the closing date for objections to be submitted to Fingal County Council is Tuesday the 11th of November and all plans and documentation relating to said development are available at: http://www.fingalcoco.ie/planning-and-buildings/development-plans-and-consultations/public-consultations/currentconsultations/

To stay in touch with developments on this ongoing issue, please email info@roseparkresidentsassociation.com or visit http://www.roseparkresidentsassociation.com

RRA Consitution & FCC Planning Permission

We hope you have been enjoying this lovely sunny weekend.

We have 3 documents we would like to share with you today.


1 – The Annual Report from the AGM.

2 – The Rosepark Residents Association Constitution.

3 – The original FCC Planning Permission for Rosepark (see links below).

Number 3 is divided into two separate documents, Part 1 and Part 2, due to it’s size.


Thank you All

from the Rosepark Residents Association Committee

RosePark Newsletter

April 2014 Supplemagment

Residents Association AGM

The AGM of the Residents Association was held on Tuesday 25th March 2014. Reports from the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer were given together with the annual financial report. A committee of 11 has been formed and our first committee meeting was held on Thursday 17th April. Following full discussion on a variety of items a residents work plan was developed. These included the following:

Representation on the Committee

Most areas of the estate are well represented on the committee, however, there is no one from the front road included. We are aware that some issues do not affect each resident in the same way but the committee are mindful of the ongoing traffic and parking situation relating to the front road. We are planning to look at these issues again this year and follow up on our initial enquiries with the aim to obtaining a satisfactory result for all residents. If any resident on the front road would like to join the committee please let us know.

Name Plaque StoneEstate Name Plaque

a wooden name plaque and this will be placed on the green at the flower bed. We are also looking at the possibility of getting a stone and inscribing the estate name on it. This of course depends on the funds available for the project.

Clean Up Day!

Environment – Community clean up evening and planting of flowers

Clean Up DayOn wednesday 7th May, we meet on the green at 7pm. We had Kits for Bibs for the kids, bags, gloves and pickers supplied and this was our 3rd community clean up event supported by FCC and going on the past two years and this year, it has proven to be a great success. To continue this work however, we need a good turn out of residents for these events into the future, the children are always enthusiastic and are delighted to be part of a winning team. Thank you to all who got involved. Again it is always a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and we will look into running another cleanup later in the summer. Watch the website to see the photos from the Clean-up Day.

Residents annual voluntary subscription


Collection Envelopes

There are 97 houses on the estate and the subscriptions received in 2013 amounted to €480 with €35 donations received on the Family Fun day giving a total of €665.00, the outlay for the year was €495.22 giving a balance going forward of €169.78. The above subscriptions paid for the Insurance premium, bedding plants, fuel for motor mower, Family Day outgoings, refreshments etc.

The annual subscription for 2014 has been kept at €10 per household. The envelope included with this Newsletter can be used for your donation and can be dropped into committee member Nicola in No. 50 first cul de sac to the right) or Clare No. 74 or Clive no. 82 (back cul de sac). Some residents who attended the AGM have already paid, we thank you for that and just ignore the envelope, if already paid up for 2014. If you have any concerns or enquiries please contact a member of the committee as follows: Email residents.rosepark@gmail.com

Family Fun Event

Saturday 28th June — 3pm to 5pm, on the Green

The event was held last year and was enjoyed by all who participated. This year is shaping up to be even better. Finer details will be revealed nearer the time watch the web site.

Dog Fouling!

Why give your dog a bad name?

Why give your dog a bad name?

This is an ongoing issue in the Rosepark estate. Some residents continue to allow their dogs to roam unsupervised which results in the dogs fouling, in neighbours gardens, the pavements and green areas where our children play.

Apart from the disgusting consequences of the children walking in it, dog faeces contains toxocariasis, which can cause a parasitic infection in young children resulting in blindness.
Most owners do collect their dog faeces and dispose of it in their bin however, there is a specific case where one dog owner in particular, who is leaving the plastic bag of dog faeces on the pavement, down the side of the ESB substation or sometimes on the green. Could we please ask the doc owner in question, to go that EXTRA stretch and actually make the effort to get to their bin with their little bundle of joy!!!

Number displayed on your house

It is important that the number of your house be displayed so that you can be found. We are aware that the numbering system on the estate is confusing and therefore it is all the more important that you display your number in a way that it can be seen. This is especially important for the emergency services. With this in mind and if the Residents Association funds allow, we hope to have number display plaques put on the corner of each cul de sac which makes it easy to understand the numbering system.

Flower bed, bedding plants and grass cutting & ditch at end of green

Grass VergesFCC have informed us that while they will continue to cut the main area of the green they do not have the personnel or equipment to cut the verges in the future. We would appeal to residents to please cut the verge outside your own garden.
We have the use of a residents motor mower for grass cutting of the entrance verges and the edge of the green. Some residents have offered to look after this task between them. This also applies to the flower bed and tubs. Many thanks for this as it makes such a difference to the look of the estate. We have entered the competition for “Best kept small estate” again this year. The poor state of the back ditch has been noted and FCC have been informed of our concerns relating to this. We are requesting a deputation meeting with FCC to follow up this matter and all other concerns we have relating to the estate to their attention with the aim of getting resolution to them. Long term parking on the estate of an unused car has been noted. We appeal to the owner of the car have it moved otherwise the relevant authorities will be informed of its presence.

Rosepark Residents Association AGM

Balrothery Inn

Main Bar in the Balrothery inn

Calling on all residents of the Rosepark Estate to attend our AGM in the Balrothery Inn

@ 8pm on Tuesday 25th March

The committee look forward to meeting all residents in the main bar on the night.  The following matters will be covered:

  1. Report on events and activities in 2013
  2. Financial Report
  3. Aims of the Residents Association for 2014
  4. Ongoing items of concern
  5. Remembering the late Joe Callaghan
  6. Election of committee 2014
  7. AOB

Please don’t miss this opportunity to get together with your neighbours and celebrate the past achievements and be involved in the future aims of Rosepark residents.  Drinks can be purchased in The Armoury and Finger food will be served.


Our Sympathies on the Passing of a Dear Friend & Neighbour

It is with great regret that we must inform you of the sudden passing of a dear friend and neighbour Joe Callaghan.

Matthew (Joe) Callaghan

Rest in Peace Joe

Joe passed away on Saturday morning at Beaumont Hospital, having taken ill on Thursday morning.

Joe was an individual that worked tirelessly behind the scenes with humility to make Rosepark a beautiful place for all of us to live. Joe was a key indvidual in the start up of the Rosepark Residents Association and has been a cornerstone of its further development and the work which it carried out, keeping our community tidy, mowing our green and many other duties for which he never sought our gratitude nor praise. He will be missed immensely and our deepest sympathies go out to Joes wife Joanie, sons Darragh, Aidan, Barry and relatives and friends for their loss.

Reposing at McNally’s Funeral Home on Monday evening from 6 – 8pm. Removal on Tuesday morning to S.S. Peter and Paul’s Church Balbriggan arriving for 10am Funeral Mass. Burial afterwards in Balrothery Cemetery.

Family flowers only. Donations in lieu of flowers to Beaumont Foundation.
Basket in church c/o McNally’s Funeral Directors.

McNally Funeral Directors
Contact Patrick Hickey 086-8291947,
20 Drogheda Street,

Joe is pictured below at the most recent Rosepark Clean-up Day May 2013



DSC01607 DSC01606

Dog Fouling Hotline 1800-250-500

Dublin’s four local authorities are launching a campaign today to encourage dog owners to clean up when their dogs foul public spaces.

Officials say that 20% of dog owners do not clean up after their pets, posing a health and environmental risk.

A hotline is also being set up to allow members of the public report incidents.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council senior executive officer Therese Langan said local authorities will investigate the issues and pet owners who can be identified will be fined.

Speaking to RTÉ News, Ms Langan said a recent survey found that 66% of respondents consider dog fouling to be a major problem.

The initiative by South Dublin, Fingal, Dublin City and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown councils is being funded by the Dublin Regional Authority.


The hotline number is 1800-250-500


Louise Butler | Community Development Worker | Balbriggan Community Policing Forum


Bewitched Balbriggan

Halloween Night Festival
Oct 31st 2013 on Quay St. Car Park

Parades, Disco, Chinese Lanterns, fireworks, bouncy castle, Horror House and more.

Click on the Poster below to find out more!

Bewitched Balbriggan

Bewitched Balbriggan

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